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AFTA & TPP Seminar in Hanoi, Vietnam

A BMB official distributor, Minh Tuan Trading (Vietnam territory) joined an anti-counterfeit seminar in Hanoi, Vietnam.
BMB counterfeit products are increacing in Vietnam this year because BMB brand became very famous as Karaoke products in Vietnam.
Since Vietnamese government decided to join AFTA and TPP this year, they held a seminar regarding protect trademarks and prevention from invading intellectual properties to join AFTA and TPP.
It was held on 20th November,2015 in Hanoi by vice prime minister of Vietnam.
Many key persons joined this seminar from Vietnamese government and police.
BMB and Minh Tuan Trading displayed some counterfeit products and made a presentation of damage by these counterfeit products.


BMB and Minh Tuan Trading cooperate to clean all BMB counterfeit products from Vietnam market with Vietnamese government.

Please contact below to visit!
Minh Tuan Trading Service Electronics Co., Ltd.
314 Dien Bien Phu St., Ward 11, Dist 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84-83-834-4490 / +84-94-401-0203 ( Mr. Nguyen Minh Tri )
Mail: info@bmbvietnam.com.vn


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New Karaoke Amusement Facility in Singapore

A BMB official distributor, Teo Heng Trading (Singapore territory) opened a new family KTV at center of Singapore in September.
It’s located at the second floor of Ci Yuan Community Club at center of Singapore.
This is their 8th Karaoke outlet in Singapore.


There are around 20 rooms, DAS-300 and CSD-880 are installed to all rooms.
And they installed BMB professional category products at Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan in Singapore.


10 units of CSP-3000 and 4 units of CSW-600 are working at a big event hall.
These speakers are for main speakers for the event hall.

Please contact below to visit!
865 Mountbatten Road, #02-13/14/15 Katong Shopping Center, Singapore 437844
Tel: +65-6344-4383
Mail: sales@teoheng.com


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Beat Stage (BTS-1) in Booming in China

BTS-1 (Beat Stage) is booming in China!
It was released in 2013.
This product was developed to create a new kind of amusement of Karaoke.
BMB must be an innovator for Karaoke market in the world.
After long silence, the new kind of amusement with BTS-1 is being recognized in markets.
A big Chinese Karaoke “Windsor KTV” decided to install BTS-1 to their VIP rooms.
300 units of BTS-1 were installed in their 16 KTV shops


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BMB Products Seminar in Yangon, Myanmar

A BMB official distributor, Tri Treasures International Co., Ltd. (Myanmar territory) had a BMB products seminar in Yangon.
It was held at Rose Garden Hotel in Yangon on Sunday 5th July 2015.
This was the first time to hold such a kind of BMB seminar in Myanmar.
Around 120 persons of KTV owners, KTV operators, audio shop owners and medias were invited from all cities of Myanmar.

Please contact below to visit!
No.(64), Bogyokeaungsan Road, Pazontaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: +951-203031/203103 ( Mr. Kyaw Zin Latt )
Mail: kzl.tritreasures@gmail.com

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