Commercial Category

BMB is leading commercial Karaoke scene as a standard.
The karaoke facility that sticks to the sound quality, would have BMB brand speakers.

CSV Series CSD Series CSN Series CSE Series

CSV Series

CSV-900 CSV-480 CSV-450

Clear & powerful notes for next generation Karaoke speakers

These speakers feature the new multicellular horn tweeters/squawkers to reproduce a wide sound.
Tweeter SPL* switch is used for preventing howling. *SPL: Sound Pressure Level
Woofers use highly reliable paper cone made in Japan to obtain high quality sound.

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CSD Series

CSD-2000 CSD-880

High power Karaoke speakers - Perfect for dancing!

This model is equipped with new high-volume woofers backed with a sturdy cabinet for sound stability.
These are luxurious 3 Ways 5 Speakers systems with tweeter/squawker sets on both sides.
Sound directions are set individually for the tweeters/squawkers.
Tweeters/squawkers use highly reliable paper cones made in Japan to obtain high quality sound.

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CSN Series

CSN-510 CSN-500 (SE) CSN-300 (SE) CSN-455 (SE) CSN-255 (SE)

Entry level Karaoke speakers for best mixing of music & microphone sound

Designed for Karaoke use. Your voice will mix nicely with music.
The bass sound has become more powerful by adopting a new low frequency reflection mechanism.
Woofers use highly reliable paper cone made in Japan to obtain high quality sound.

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CSE Series

CSE-312 (SE) CSE-310II (SE) CSE-310 (SE) CSE-308 (SE)

The standard in Karaoke speakers delivers next-generation sound quality.

These are luxurious 3-Way/5 speakers with tweeters/squawkers set on both sides. (CSE-312/310II)
Superellipse units provide increased range and reduced distortion for more powerful, clearer vocals.
Tweeters and squawkers can be rotated, allowing the maximum sound dispersal for the shape of the room.
Tweeter, squawker and woofer paper diaphragms are all made in Japan.
We use the world's most advanced biomass material called "Cellulose Nano Fiber" on woofer's paper cone. Paper density and strength fine, making sound sharp. (CSE-310II)

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DAR Series

DAR-350HD4 DAR-350HD2 DAR-350HD DAR-350H (SE)

High power Karaoke amplifier with useful new functions.

350W x 2ch outputs, enough high power to meet commercial use.
Double Bluetooth function: You can connect two smartphones and play song while switching smoothly.
HDMI port 2in 1out(ARC): You can connect HDMI device such as Karaoke song machine, DVD Player, etc. If your TV has HDMI ARC function, TV sound can come into DAR-350H.
USB Play: Can conect USB memory, play song.(DAR-350H)
Mobile/PC app: Set up the parameter of DAR by Mobile or PC app.

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DAH Series

DAH-100 (SE)

Good for regular size living rooms, easy to install and move to anywhere to adjust life styles

Bluetooth function makes users play music in handy phones. (DAH-100)
Seamless AC input voltage from 100V to 240V function makes this model worldwide. (DAH-100)
New switching power supply technology makes light weight possible.

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NKN Series


High quality Karaoke microphone with parts which have passed Japanese quality standards

This microphone has excellent input sensitivity which guarantees the best quality sound for Karaoke entertainment.
Parts have passed strict Japanese quality and reliability testing which include both environmental and safety tests, which greatly increases the microphone's performance and durability.
Parts are manufactured by the most trusted companies in the audio industry,
lowering product defect rate to near zero.

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WM/WB Series

WM-500 WB-5000 WM-450 WB-4500

Enjoy BMB sound with wireless microphone.

By adopting a high-performance microchip and suppressing distortion, we realized a unique wireless quality microphone unique to BMB.
It uses high-quality liquid crystal, it is easy to see in any installation situation.
When the microphone dropped, The microphone will become mute.
It will not occur the Large volume Noise, when falling more than 40 cm.
New function that microphone automatically connect to receiver by shaking microphone. (WB-5000 / WM-500)

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BTS Series


All-new product brings excitement to the Karaoke party with rhythms the singer can feel.

Turns the sound from the speakers into vibrations so performers can feel the rhythm of the music.
Shops can customize the unit with their own design sheets.
Thoughtful design includes on/off switch, low pass filter, and protective circuit.

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CSX Series

CSX-1000 CSX-850 CSX-580 CSX-550

Standard Speakers for Good Old Days Karaoke Sound

This model is available in three sizes, 12”, 10” and 8”. The best size can be selected depending on the size of a room.
These are the luxurious 3-Way/5 speakers with tweeters/squawkers set on both sides. Sound directions are set individually for the tweeters/squawkers.
The squawkers are angle-adjustable. They can be adjusted in accordance with the shape of a room to get the best sound.

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CSR Series

CSR-800 CSR-500 CSR-300 CSR-100

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DAS Series

DAS-400 (SE) DAS-200 (SE) DAS-300 (SE) DAS-150 (SE)

High-tech and high quality Karaoke digital amplifier with large LCD panel

This model has a large multi-purpose color LCD panel.
The use of BTL connection enables the amplifier to be used as a high power amplifier. (BTL Power: 300W × 2ch) (DAS-400)
"Simple mode" function (Sound effect control software) gives family users easy to use.

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DAX Series

DAX-1000Ⅱ (SE) DAX-850Ⅱ (SE)

Basic Stereo Echo Mixer Karaoke Amplifier!

This model is available in two models - 4ch and 2ch. You can select the model based upon the size of a room or the audio system architecture.
These amplifiers make sound quality softer and deeper and more natural. This is one of the great characteristic of analog amplifier.
Stereo Echo Mixer is used to get a deep echo sound that swings not only left/right but also front/back.

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