Professional Category

Designed for large space that required high power sound, such as large Karaoke room or event hall.

CSP Series CSS Series CSW Series DAD Series KSP Series

CSP Series

CSP-615 CSP-612 CSP-610

BMB Sound everywhere, PA type speaker Tuned for valious scene use.

Cabinet made of high quality birch plywood assembled by box joint.
The tough structure keeps outputting powerful sound stably.
Clear high frequency sound by fine-tuned diaphragm

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CSS Series

CSS-8012Ⅱ CSS-8010Ⅱ

The flagship model of BMB Professional Series

BMB's traditional paper cone manufacturing process is a rigorous selection of high-strength textile materials.
Compression driver uses "Neodymium magnet", it will make clear powerful high-sound.
High-quality parts carefully selected for the network are used to achieve high stability and excellent durability.

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CSS-1212 CSS-1210

Entry level PA type speakers for match various scenes

It adapts "CELESTION" compression driver. We produce BMB sound quality suitable for CLUB and KARAOKE room.
Equipped with rubber foot, it can be installed not only hanging the speaker but also stationery installation.

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CSW Series

CSW-118 CSW-115

Make your singing more comfortable and enjoy your beat.

A subwoofer for karaoke developed by karaoke maker BMB that pursues comfortable singing.
By adopting a triangular bass reflex hole, you can make a speedy beat even though it is a bass reflex type. In addition, the height of the main body can be lowered, resulting in a compact housing.

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DAD Series

DAD-950(C) DAD-650(C) DAD-500(C)

Standard power amplifier for PA speaker.

Circuit safety protection will prevent damage in case of accident.
Case size is standard 2U.
Switch 2 type of output system. (Stereo / Bridge)

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KSP Series

KSP-100 KSP-50

A state-of-the-art Karaoke sound processor with clear and high quality sound

PC Editor is provided to setup each sound parameter. (EQ, Comp, etc.)
This model can create the best Karaoke sound for any room or hall utilizing sound editing software via computer.
The voice effect feature - HANAMICHI - is pre-installed so the orchestra sound shifts from side to side while the singer stays in the center. (KSP-100)
The Room Acoustic feature is installed to automatically adjust the sound field to all environments depending on the shape of the room and material of the walls, the floor and the ceiling. (KSP-100)
An Anti-Feedback feature is used to ensure the best indoor feedback control.
KSP-100 is made in Japan.

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