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High brand BMB Karaoke experience comes to your place.Everyone could setup easier.

CSJ Series CSH Series

CSJ-05A CSJ-05

CSJ-05A CSJ-05

Surprising power packed in compact BMB

40w built-in amplifier, 4.5-inch compact Bluetooth speaker.
Mic input Echo is included, karaoke is possible.
Can be combined a pair of CSJ-05A by Wireless with TWS function.
Interior design that can be installed vertically or horizontally,Enjoy stereo sound in combination with CSJ-05.

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CSJ Series

CSJ-06 CSJ-08 CSJ-10 CSJ-12 CSJ-210 (SE)

Evoke your inner passion with professional sound.

Available in a variety of sizes.Woofer size 5 to 12 inch ,6 models.
Any combination in different music spaces.(Living room/entertainment room/office/Bar/Coffee shop/KTV…)
The new 4 equal tweeter design, four directions of equal amplification, better balance and better hearing

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CSH Series

CSH-200 CSH-S200 CSH-W200

Good for regular size living rooms, easy to install and move to anywhere to adjust life styles

“Double voice coil subwoofer adds punching bass sound. (CSH-W200)”
Highly reliable paper cone Made in Japan. (CSH-200, CSH-W200)
New switching power supply technology makes light weight possible.

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CSW Series for Home

CSW-112A CSW-110A

Feel bass, Your sound experience with BMB

Four triangle bass reflex. Reflection of bass sound spreads out faster and makes singing Karaoke easier.
CSW Series adopts high-performance driver module, equipped with volume, crossover, phase, two inputs and 110V/220V selector.

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DAR Series

DAR-350HD4 DAR-350HD2 DAR-200HD DAR-350H (SE)

Mulitchannel music and Karaoke space,easily achieved!

Rich DSP processing functions and 4 preset modes you can choose.
Double Bluetooth,enjoy 2 devices alternately.
APP control, bluetooth connection and supports part parameters control.
4.3-inch color display screen, more convenient operation.

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DAH Series


Good for regular size living rooms, easy to install and move to anywhere to adjust life styles

Bluetooth function makes users play music in handy phones. (DAH-100)
Seamless AC input voltage from 100V to 240V function makes this model worldwide. (DAH-100)
New switching power supply technology makes light weight possible.

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NKN Series


High quality Karaoke microphone with parts which have passed Japanese quality standards

This microphone has excellent input sensitivity which guarantees the best quality sound for Karaoke entertainment.
Parts have passed strict Japanese quality and reliability testing which include both environmental and safety tests, which greatly increases the microphone's performance and durability.
Parts are manufactured by the most trusted companies in the audio industry,
lowering product defect rate to near zero.

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WM/WB Series

WM-500 WB-5000 WM-450 WB-4500

Enjoy BMB sound with wireless microphone.

By adopting a high-performance microchip and suppressing distortion, we realized a unique wireless quality microphone unique to BMB.
It uses high-quality liquid crystal, it is easy to see in any installation situation.
When the microphone dropped, The microphone will become mute.
It will not occur the Large volume Noise, when falling more than 40 cm.
New function that microphone automatically connect to receiver by shaking microphone. (WB-5000 / WM-500)

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WH Series


Plug into live Karaoke.

Automatic pairing function.
Can be applied to a variety of scenarios.
Excellent signal stability,free from signal interruption,accurate and stable signal transmission.
Powerful sound effects,highly restored human voice.

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